Products for Yarn Processing in alphabetical order. This page includes Aspirator Guns, Astra Markers, Composite Twist Caps (Holz), Flyers (Holz), Kluber lubrication, Legrom – Ring Spinning, Pressers (Holz). Also, Special Twist Caps (Holz), Spinning rings, Rubber and Urethane Rolls, Sulzer Projectile loom parts, Twist Caps – Machine Specific, Universal Twist Caps (Holz), and Yamauchi Spinning Aprons and Cots.

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Products in Alphabetical Order

Aspirator Guns

Click on “Aspirator Guns” to view more information. If you don’t see the specific Aspirator Gun you need, it may not be listed on the website.
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Astra Markers – Water Soluble Crayons

Astra Water Soluble textile markers are used for marking textile fibers, in yarn or fabric production. Markings are easily removed in water at ambient temperature. Other uses : Ring-marking of spun packages on the frame prior to doffing identification of faults in woven or knitted fabrics.
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Composite Twist Caps (Holz)

Different materials and teeth designs can be combined together flexibly in order to achieve the optimum false twist for each roving as well as a long durability of the twist cap under maximum machine speed.
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Flyers (Holz)

All Holz Flyers have the following features in common: Polished, rust-proof and acid-proof stainless steel tube complete with heat-treated special steel Presser; anti-lint, anti-static surface finish.
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Kluber Lubrication

When Manufacturers make the switch to Kluber they notice increased lube intervals, less down-time, and less time applying lubrication. As a result they consistently experience higher production while saving time and money.
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Legrom – Ring Spinning

Frankl & Thomas stocks large quantities of Legrom parts for ring spinning. Other parts are available on special order. Contact us with your requirements.
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Pressers (Holz)

All Pressers are made of high quality carbon steel with a specially treated surface. This prevents a cutting-in of the presser, and ensures a long service life.
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Special Twist Caps (Holz)

For very special materials, new machine technologies, Holz is able to render an individual product with characteristics of the Composite and Universal Twist Caps intensified, reduced, or modified in a completely new Twist Cap Model.
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Rubber and Urethane Rolls

Polyurethane Rollers and Wheels. F&T Plastics offers a vast array of polyurethane compounds tailored for transport roller and wheel applications. Our molded rollers and load wheels handle the harshest service environments with great success. F&T-Tech polyurethane compounds have excellent bonding characteristics with steel, aluminum, stainless, and plastic composites.
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Sulzer Projectile Loom Parts (OEM Quality)

Frankl & Thomas has over 1000 parts to choose from for TW11, PU, P7100, P7300, and P7150 looms.
A large inventory of parts is maintained in our Greenville, SC warehouse. Weekly shipments from our supplier help ensure the parts you need are always available.
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Universal Twist Caps (Holz)

Holz Universal Twist Caps can be used on nearly all roving frames/flyer brands. In a few cases, our Twist Cap-Adapter system is requested. The ideal Universal type has to be selected according to the roving.
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Twist Caps – Machine Specific (Holz)

Most roving frames are equipped with a Twist Cap as per the Holz Universal Twist Cap/Composite Twist Cap Design. However, Holz also manufactures older machine-specific Twist Cap Models.
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Yamauchi Spinning Apron and Cots

We offer quality Yamauchi products including aprons for spinning, roving and glass fiber as well as COTS for spinning, roving and drawing.
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Please note that we do not list all of our products online. If you don’t see a product you’re looking for, please Contact Us.