Textile Machinery


A wide range of textile machinery for fiber, foam, filaments, polymers, etc.

Including industrial scale plants, lines, machinery and components. As well as Pilot and Laboratory scale plants, lines, machinery and components.


Engineering and manufacturing of complete production plants for high tech fibers. Including laboratory and pilot scale lines and plants, machinery, and components for production plants. Also featuring complete industrial and pilot lines for Carbon Fiber production as well as Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens in a range of sizes.

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Other Machinery/Components

Aspirator Guns

Aspirators / String Up / Doffing Guns & Static Suction Units Twisting & Non Twisting Suction applications for POY, LOY, FDY, BCF, Tape Yarns, Staple Fiber, fibrillated tapes, monofilaments, texturisers, draw winders, crimpers, etc.

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