Projectile Loom Parts (OEM Quality)

Sulzer Projectile Loom Spare Parts (OEM Quality)

Frankl & Thomas, Inc. has over 1000 parts to choose from for TW11, PU, P7100, P7300, and P7150 looms.

A large inventory of parts is maintained in our Greenville, SC warehouse. Weekly shipments from our supplier help ensure the parts you need are always available.

We are proud to represent Tumkalip. Tumkalip has manufactured replacement parts for Sulzer projectile looms for over 25 years.

  • Tumkalip is ISO 9001 certified.
  • Tumkalip has 3 Mechanical Engineers on staff.
  • Tumkalip has its own weaving plant in which extensive trials are conducted before any parts are sold.

Sulzer Projectile Loom Parts in Alphabetical Order:

  • Color selectors
  • Conveyor chains
  • Conveyor drive – others
  • Coupling pieces, clamping flanges – brake band
  • Drive and machine brake
  • Guide tooth – projectile returns
  • Others
  • P7300 parts (1)
  • P7300 parts (2)
  • P7300 parts (3)
  • Picking lock
  • Picking mechanism
  • Projectile brake (1)
  • Projectile brake (2)
  • Projectile feeder drive
  • Projectile feeder es D1,D2,D12
  • Projectile feeder ms, D1,D2,D12
  • Projectile guide blocks and front guide inserts
  • D1/D12/D2
  • Projectile lifter and opener
  • Projectiles and grippers d1,d2,d12
  • Receiving unit
  • Scissors and centering blades
  • Sensors and electrical parts
  • Specials gauges and devices (1)
  • Specials gauges and devices (2)
  • Stauble dobby – cam motion
  • Take up drive
  • Temples (1)
  • Temples (2)
  • Warp and warp let off
  • Warp let off aggregate
  • Weft end grippers
  • Weft end grippers and tucking needles

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