Yamauchi Spinning Aprons and Cots

Spinning Aprons and Cots (Yamauchi)

We offer quality Yamauchi Aprons and Cots. Aprons for spinning, roving and glass fiber as well as cots for spinning, roving and drawing. Please view the PDF below to see detailed information about these products. General product details listed below, more detailed information available in the PDF.

Aprons for Spinning and Roving

Material Color Hardness Fibre Features
LM-55B Light Grey 55 Fine Count Cotton Soft Type, Anti Cracking
LM-60z Grey 60 Cotton Synthetic Standard Type
MT-115B Blue 62 Cotton Wool Synthetic Anti-Cracking Type
SOR Dark Grey 65 Wool Synthetic Oil Resistant Type
TAJ-2 Black 72 for MJS Abrasion Resistant Type
TAJ-17M Brown 70 for MVS Anti-Cracking Type

Cots for Spinning, Roving, and Drawing

Material Color Hardness Fibre Process Features
620 Green 76, 78, 80, 83 Cotton Synthetic Spin, Rov, Draw Standard Type
660 Green 80 Synthetic Wool Spin Draw High Grip Property
660 Red 83 Synthetic Wool Spin Draw Abrasion Resistance
770 Brown 74 Synthetic Wool Spin Draw Soft Type
103 Blue 80, 83 Cotton Synthetic Spin, Rov, Draw Anti-Static
G5-63 Dark Green 63 Cotton Spin Soft Type
G5-70 Yellow 70 Cotton P/C Spin Soft Type

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