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The Presser is one of the key components for the bobbin forming and the bobbin build-up, but also for the roving quality.

Holz has developed multiple Presser versions in order to achieve excellence for all kinds of fibers and blends. This results in a perfect winding on the bobbin, which ensures an optimal bobbin forming, and bobbin build-up on all roving frames with manual or automatic doffing systems, independently from the winding start/stop position.

Holz Pressers in Standard Design and LCD Pressers, special developed and patented by Holz, guarantee a roving at the highest quality.

All Pressers are made of high quality carbon steel with a specially treated surface. This prevents a cutting-in of the presser, and ensures a long service life.

Top quality Long Life Presser Bushes provide long maintenance intervals.

“Thanks to modern CNC production technology, we guarantee an equal presser contact pressure and the exchangeability of each Holz-Presser without interfering with the dynamic balancing of the flyer.”

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