Listed on this page are the (non-machinery) products we offer for Weaving. Airjet/Waterjet, Astra Markers – Water Soluble Crayons, Bobotex Roller Coverings, Harness Cables, Kluber Lubrication, Lamiflex Rapier Tapes, Plush Knives, Rapier Heads, and Sulzer Projectile Loom Parts (OEM Quality).

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Weaving Products

Air Jet and Water Jet parts

OEM quality Water Jet parts for your Nissan and Tsudakoma water jet looms. We have served the water Jet loom industry for more than 12 years, and look forward to helping our valued customers reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Also featuring high quality Air Jet parts.
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Astra Markers – Water Soluble Crayons

Astra Water Soluble Markers are used for marking textile fibers in yarn or fabric production. Markings are easily removed in water at ambient temperature.
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Bobotex Roller Coverings

Bobotex roller coverings are manufactured in many different materials. Including polyurethane, natural rubber, felts, synthetic rubber, silicone, cork, pvc and nylon. Bobotex is the leading manufacturer of roller coverings for the textile, paper and food industries.
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Harness Cables

Frankl & Thomas custom manufactures Harness Cables.
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Kluber Lubrication

We supply Kluber high temperature, heavy load oils and greases. Kluber lubricants for processing synthetic fibers, nonwovens, weaving, finishing, and yarn manufacturing. Kluber lubrication can help dramatically extend your lubrication intervals which will save your plant time and money.
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Lamiflex Rapier Tapes

The Lamiflex Group of Italy is the premiere manufacturer of composite rapier tapes for flexible rapier weaving machines in the world. More than 75% of all Weaving Machine manufacturers rely on Lamiflex tapes.
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Plush Knives

An excellent plush knife needs to be the standard for correct cutting action when double weaving or manufacturing and processing textiles or flooring materials. F&T blades helps you to improve your manufacturing of technical or medical textiles, carpets, etc.
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Rapier Heads

Rapier Heads and spare Rapier Head parts for Dornier Looms as well as Profiles and Rapier Heads for Somet, Vamatex, and Picanol looms.
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Sulzer Projectile Loom Parts (OEM Quality)

Frankl & Thomas has over 1000 parts to choose from for TW11, PU, P7100, P7300, and P7150 looms.
A large inventory of parts is maintained in our Greenville, SC warehouse.
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