Kuenzel: Reeds, Healds & Drop Wires

Kuenzel: Reeds

About Kuenzel: We manufacture reeds for all applications of the highest quality.

As a world leader in the production of reeds for textile, technical and medical fabric (Lexicon of German world market leader in 2014,) we offer reeds for all machine types with various weft insertion systems.

In addition, please contact us for wide variety of weaving preparation system products. As a flexible supplier with an international distribution, we are able to produce all reeds for all applications – even those who have yet to be developed. The implementation of innovative concepts together with our customers and partners is a standard that we make happen every day.

Kuenzel: Healds & Drop Wires

We offer heald wires and droppers for all common machine types, in different materials and executions.
• Healds, flat wire, round wire, leno healds
• Droppers, open and closed
• Lancets in standard execution, stainless or hardened

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