Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens – Laboratory


This page contains images and information about Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens by Fourné, specifically for laboratory and small-scale use. We have also included a PDF by Fourné featuring information about their various Pyrolysis Ovens.

How our Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens Differ from the Competition

  • SPEED – The cleaning cycle is 4-8 hours
  • ENERGY – Short cleaning cycles, low energy consumption
  • SAFETY – Easy and safe operation
  • VERSATILITY – ƒ Suitable for many different thermoplastic polymers
  • ECOLOGICAL – No cleaning agents or solvents necessary, meets EPA standards

With the types VHT 20 N and 56 N we offer two solutions for cleaning tasks in laboratories. The small autoclaves are optimized for gentle cleaning of few parts on small space and with low energy consumption.

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