Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Oven – Industrial


This page contains images and information about Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens by Fourné. We have included a link to a PDF by Fourné featuring detailed information/images about the various Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens that we offer.

How our Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens Differ from the Competition

  • SPEED – The cleaning cycle is 4-8 hours
  • ENERGY – Short cleaning cycles, low energy consumption
  • SAFETY – Easy and safe operation
  • VERSATILITY – ƒ Suitable for many different thermoplastic polymers
  • ECOLOGICAL – No cleaning agents or solvents necessary, meets EPA standards

The images below are two Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens that are ideal for industrial use. There are many more options that can be viewed in the PDF above. We can also cater to customer specifications and provide Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens to customer specifications.

Also available are crucial accessories such as a small Crane to lift extremely heavy objects into the large top-loading Oven shown below.

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