Separator Rolls

About Our Separator Rolls

Frankl & Thomas has been successfully serving the needs of synthetic fiber producers around the world for decades. Their wide range of separator rolls are primarily used for the drawing process, which includes draw twisting, draw texturing and draw winding. The low friction F&T separator rolls gently guide the fiber and allow them to be processed with a minimum amount of friction. All of F&T separator rolls are made so that the customer can make the required repairs when needed. Frankl & Thomas also offer a repair service for separator rolls.

NSD Series

Designed for fine filament – hot and cold drawing
Designed to meet the increasing demand for lower rotating torque to draw finer filaments at higher speeds.

NUM Series

Designed for fine filament – hot and cold drawing
NUMA series rolls are assembled with an integrated bearing unit. These rolls are low weight, requiring less energy consumption.

SP Series

Designed for industrial filament – hot, cold, and high temperature
Offered in grease pack or oil mist type. This is a rugged roll for the most demanding applications.

HT Series

Designed for fine and industrial filament – high temperature
Designed for high temperatures ranging from 120 C to 250 C on the working surface. Offered in grease pack or oil mist type. This roll can stand extreme heat and still function effectively.

GVR Series

Designed for industrial filament – especially high temperature situations
Designed with a shaft that is integrated with the bearing housing. This keeps the ball bearings from direct contact with the heat from the shell surface.

Featuring S-GVR Series

Designed for industrial filaments at higher speeds

Up to 26,000 RPM and thread temperatures up to 200 C.
 In many instances the S-GVR roll has been able to replace much
 more expensive air bearing separator rolls.

General Features

F&T Separator rolls are used for the drawing process on draw-twisting, winding and texturing machines. And our separator rolls have been already supplied in large quantities to machine builders and man-made fiber plants world-wide.


Working surface of the shell (roll) is plated with hard-chromes to guard the surface from abrasion and grooving by the filament. The surface with “orange skin effect” provides the most suitable frictional condition, so that the filament is reliably guided.

Ceramic coating is also available.

Ceramic coating produces nodular surfaces with larger and harder modules than hard chrome plating. The very harder nodules make the service life of the surface three to ten times longer than hard chrome plating.

Bearing Designs

Ball bearing with a plastic ball retainer is used for NSD series, except for hot drawing, to make the rotating torque as small and the operating as uniform as possible. For NUM series, newly-developed integrated Bearing Unit is installed. This remarkable design makes the roll more rigidity, higher load capacity and higher speed. Furthermore, the bearing unit is detachable from the shell (roll).


For normal (cold) drawing use Kluber super LDS 18

For Hot drawing use Kluber Isoflex Unisilikon TK44NO. Kluber Topas NB52, Dow coning 44

Special Designs

F&T separator rolls are manufactured in various designs and dimensions. If you do not see the roll you need feel free to contact us for your special requirements.