Air Knives

The Air Knife is currently unavailable while under-going technical improvements. Once it is Market-ready this page will be updated with current information.

What You Need to Know About the Air Knife

It uses the principle of Non Contact Cutting for cutting any waste that needs to be removed.

The air knife can be used on almost any machine parts like the positorque units, ceramic discs, nip rollers, bakelite drums, steel shafts, rollers, etc. Also including many other delicate & inaccessible places where the conventional cutting blades or j-hooks cannot reach.

Our Air Knives can cut through all types of thermoplastic materials such as nylon, polyester, pp, etc. Yarns as well as woven / non-woven fabrics, synthetic films, etc.

The air knife is easy to use. It has simplified electronic controls that use a supply of hot compressed air as the cutting medium.

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