Staple Cutter Blades

We carry a broad range of Staple Cutter Blades. Featuring blades made by Lutz. Also featuring American-made Mark V blades. Blades available in Stainless Steel, Tool Steel (Including m2) and sub-micron tungsten carbide. Below you’ll find some basic information on Staple Cutter Blades available. Note, we may not list all of our products online.

If you need a Staple Cutter Blade that isn’t listed, please contact us.

  • Frankl & Thomas re-sharpens Tungsten-Carbide blades.
  • We offer various coatings including TiN, TiC, TiAIN, ZrN, DLC (diamond like coating) and Teflon (PTFE).


Lutz Blades PDF

Click on the PDF link to view details that include blade options, coatings, etc.

Staple Cutter Blades Ref. Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickn. (mm)
5000.0884 74.6 15.6 0.88
5002.0884 74.5 15.5 0.88
5010.0884 117.6 15.6 0.88


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