This page contains a table featuring various Plush Knives blades and their Reference Numbers/details.
All of our blades are made by Lutz Blades. Lutz has been making the best blades in the world for over 90 years. Lutz specializes in custom blades to client specifications. We are happy to represent Lutz and supply you with their superior products.

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Plush Knives

An excellent Plush Knife blade needs to be the standard for correct cutting action when double weaving or manufacturing and processing flooring materials and textiles. The right blades help improve the manufacturing of carpets, technical or medical textiles.
Our plush knives blades are designed to give superior cuts on industry standard textile machines and looms like Van de Wiele, Schonherr, Gusken and others.
Manufacturers who have switched to our superior blades have noticed improvements in production up-time, and money saved by having to sharpen less often. Quality of cut is noted as being superior by Manufacturers who have switched to our Blades.

Plush Knives
Plush Knives Ref. # Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickn. (mm)
9635.0350 57.5 44.0 0.35
9635.0450 0.45
9630.0250 56.0 44.0 0.25
9630.0300 0.30
9630.0350 0.35
9630.0450 0.45
9629.0250 85.0 38.0 0.25
9629.0300 0.30
9629.0350 0.35
9629.0450 0.45
9628.0250 85.0 38.0 0.25
9628.0300 0.30
9628.0350 0.35
9628.0450 0.45
0162.1360 33.0 7.0 1.36
0164.1390 26.0 7.0 1.39
1036.1000 81.0 24.8 1.00



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