This page features Kluber Lubrication. Kluber has been in business over 80 years and is a global leader in specialty lubricants. Below is an image, information, and a list of various applications Kluber Lubrication can improve upon.

Kluber lubrication - the very best lubrication for any application. More than 80 years of experience, ample expertise, some 150 research and development engineers. High performance testing facilities. Save money, go Kluber.

When Manufacturers make the switch to Kluber they notice increased lube intervals, less down-time, and less time applying lubrication. As a result they consistently experience higher production while saving time and money.

Below is information on which lubrication works best for a few common applications.




Please note that not all of our lubricants/applications are listed online.

If you want to try samples, don’t see an application/lubrication listed, or want to make an order, please E-mail Chris, who can direct you to the correct Sales Representative.

“With more than 80 years of experience, ample expertise in the industry, numerous certifications, some 150 research and development engineers and other technical specialists as well as high-performance testing facilities, we are one of the leading specialty lubricants suppliers worldwide.”