MAE – Textile Machinery Manufacturers

This page contains the Complete plants, Pilot and Laboratory scale plants, lines, machinery, and components that MAE offers. Note that MAE also custom designs plants and lines to customer specifications with rapid-prototyping and state of the art testing facilities.

Note that Frankl & Thomas, Inc. represents MAE in the United States and our Staff Engineer is readily available to answer questions/inquiries concerning any of the products listed below.

MAE is an outstanding market-leading engineering-focused Machinery Manufacturer in Italy. MAE relies on a large staff of engineers, and decades of experience with on-going lines and plants all over the world.



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    Wet Spinning Technology

  • Industrial Wet Spinning Lines for Textile PAN Fiber
  • PAN Precursor Wet Spinning and Air-gap (Dry-jet) Wet Spinning
  • Spinning lines for artificial fibers
  • Special equipment for Wet/Gel Spinning

      Carbonization Plants

  • Creels
  • Motorized Creels
  • Moisturizing Baths
  • Oven super-structures
  • Pass-back Rolls
  • Fiber tensioning system
  • Surface Treatments
  • Non-contact Dryers
  • Sizing Baths
  • Carbon Fiber Bobbin Handling System

      Melt Spinning Lines for Thermoplastic Polymers

  • Spinning Beams
  • Quenching Chambers (Chimneys)
  • Finish Applicators
  • Take-up walls
  • Take-up Godets
  • Sun-flower Reels
  • Puller Rolls
  • Jet Piddlers
  • Can Traversing System
  • Turn-tables
  • Tow Cans
  • Automatic Spin Can Transport Systems
  • Can Creels
  • Roll Draw Stands
  • Water/Steam/Air Stretching Ovens
  • Hot Drums/Annealers
  • Spraying Units
  • Tow Stackers
  • Tow Guide Bars
  • Dancer Rolls
  • Tension Rolls
  • Steam Boxes
  • Crimpers
  • Post-crimper Finish Applicators
  • Recrimping Units
  • Heat-setting/Drying Ovens
  • Tow Plaiters
  • Cutters
  • Complete PET Fiber Draw Lines
  • Winding Sections

      Pilot Plants

  • PAN Precursor Lab Scale lines
  • PAN Precursor Pilot Scale lines

      PAN Polymerization,
      Solvent Recovery Units,
      Polymerization Special Equipment

  • Suspension and Solution PAN reactors
  • High Viscosity Fluids special Thin Film Evaporators (TFE)
  • Polymer Slurry Filters
  • Dope Preparation Units
  • Special Jacketed Filter Presses


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