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For over 60 years, Frankl & Thomas has provided textile manufacturers of all types with innovative and customized product solutions. Products ranging from Complete plants and lines, machinery and components, to Nippon Nozzle Spinnerettes and Bobotex Roller Coverings.

We provide Complete plants for high-tech fiber production. Carbon fiber lines, laboratory and pilot scale lines. A wide range of plants, lines, machinery, and components for high-tech polymer and fiber production.

What sets us apart is the experience we have to draw on. Our staff consists of experts in the field of plant management, Spinnerettes, Ring spinning, weaving, engineering and more. Our cumulative experience is something that our customers frequently draw on in order to make improvements or solve problems. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your manufacturing process.

Frankl & Thomas supplies and distributes products for Yarn Processing, Synthetic Fiber, Weaving, and Non-wovens.

We are a leading distributor of Kluber lubrication in the textile industry. High-tech lubricants, Custom Blades, Sulzer Loom parts, and custom parts are our specialty.



History of Frankl & Thomas, Inc.

In 1946 the Ernest L. Frankl Co. is founded. It is the first American Firm to import European Textile Machinery after World War II.

In 1971 Thomas Textile machinery is founded by Alfred Thomas III. Shortly after its creation, TTM is awarded the agency for Nippon Nozzle, the leading worldwide producer of Spinnerettes and the global market-share leader of Spunlace Jet strips.

In 1986 the Ernest L. Frankl Co. and Thomas Textile Machinery merge to form Frankl & Thomas, Inc. – a full service supplier of textile machinery and parts.

In 2007, Frankl & Thomas acquires Hurley & Harrison of Greenville, SC. With this acquisition, F&T now is the official distributor for Reiners & Furst, Bobotex, IRO/TE Strake Lamiflex, and Kluber.

In 2013 Frankl & Thomas, Inc. purchased the assets of Feil & Davidson, Inc. (Greensboro, N.C.). Its best-known products were Kanai spinning rings and wire, also Spindlefabrik Neudorf spindles and Yamauchi spinning aprons.



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