Scientists Develop Stretchable Fabric Battery

Jan 5, 2018

*Image Credit: Innovation In Textiles

Scientists led by staff from Bingham University, the State University of New York, have developed a stretchable battery made of fabric. This battery is a textile-based, bacteria-powered battery that hopefully one day will be integrated into wearable technology. This research project was led by Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Seokheun Choi.

According to Professor Seokheun Choi., “There is a clear and pressing need for flexible and stretchable electronics that can be easily integrated with a wide range of surroundings to collect real-time information,” he said. “Those electronics must perform reliably even while intimately used on substrates with complex and curvilinear shapes, like moving body parts or organs. We considered a flexible, stretchable, miniaturized biobattery as a truly useful energy technology because of their sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly capabilities.”

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Scientists Develop Stretchable Fabric Battery