Job Opening – Inventory Control Clerk

Apr 27, 2017

We are only looking for outstanding candidates. Our benefits package is extraordinary. This is a job in an office with air conditioning and a warehouse that does not have air conditioning. Our business is selling textile parts and accessories. We typically ship 15-30 packages per day. Most shipments are in boxes, some are on pallets. You must be bondable and able to pass a physical and drug test. This is a tobacco free, vape free company.
You will be responsible for the warehouse, receiving parts, entering them into inventory, putting the parts on the shelf. We stock more than a thousand different items. You need to be meticulous in your work habits and not make errors.

Follow instructions. We have certain procedures that you must follow. Pull, verify, and package orders in a timely manner. Find damaged parts and small discrepancies, must be observant. Attention to detail is a must and required to do well in this position. You will report to the parts and inventory manager.

Parkdale Mills which is the largest yarn spinner in the world is our most important customer. Their truck comes to our warehouse every Monday and Wednesday morning at 11:45. Their shipments must be pulled and packaged for on time pick up.

Receive in (count) and carefully put away shipments that arrive in the warehouse. Large shipments are received 4-5 times per month.
Take rotating weekly counts of inventory

Be very comfortable with computers. We receive orders via computer and do most of our customer contact via computers. Our inventory and financial software is Sage.

Be physically fit and able to do physical work. You will be expected to pull things off of shelves above and below, unload pallets, re-load pallets, and generally speaking will need to be flexible, strong, and willing to do physical work, lift heavy objects (50-70lbs)


  • Communicate effectively

  • Have a great attitude

  • Put customer satisfaction first

  • Do more than expected

  • Say Thank you and be a pleasure to work with

  • Be Punctual

Cleaning the warehouse, you will be required to take out trash and sweep as needed and also keep all of the workstations clean. Small handyman projects are a part of this job.

Safety: always work with a mind for safety. Don’t commit any action that could be deemed unsafe.

To apply please send a resume to: Frankl & Thomas