Frankl & Thomas Now Represent MAE in the USA

Feb 13, 2015

“MAE is a Machinery Manufacturer Company with Engineering Capabilities specialized in manufacturing of units and complete lines for Monomer and Polymer processing in the form of fibers or foams. Our capabilities are extended from process design to the assembly, installation and testing of complete production lines and plants.”

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Wet Spinning Technology

  • Industrial Wet Spinning Lines for Textile PAN fiber
  • PAN Precursor Wet Spinning and Air-gap (Dry-jet) Wet Spinning
  • Spinning Lines for Artificial Fibers
  • Special equipment for Wet / Gel spinning

Inquiries in the USA Please Contact Our Very capable Engineer : Robina Hogan

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Designing Machines for Over 40 Years

  • PAN Polymerization, Solvent Recovery Units
  • Melt Spinning lines for thermoplastic polymers
  • Pilot Plants
  • Carbonization Plants

Special features of MAE : An available textile lab, rapid prototyping/product development. Automated Systems, auto doffing and packaging.