This page contains Holz Machine-specific Twist Caps. Below is information pertaining to Machine-specific Twist Caps. For more information, please visit the Holz Website.

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Holz Machine Specific Twist Caps

Most roving frames are equipped with a Twist Cap as per the Holz Universal Twist Cap/Composite Twist Cap Design. However, Holz also manufactures older machine-specific Twist Cap Models.

Toyoda Roving Frame with old flyer version

Zinser 660 Roving frame with old flyer version

Platt Saco Lowerll Rovematic Roving Frame

Howa RMK Roving Frame


Adapter Solution

Old machine specific Twist Caps can be replaced against a twist cap from the newest generation, Holz Universal Twist Cap or Holz Composite Twist Cap, by using our Twist Cap-Adapter System.



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