Products for Synthetic Fiber

Products for Synthetic Fiber Production in alphabetical order. Air Knives, Blades for Slitting, Extruder Screen Packs, Friction Texturing Discs (CPU), Hot Knives, and Lubrication (Kluber). Roller Coverings (Bobotex), Separator Rolls, Spinnerettes (Nippon Nozzle), Staple Cutter Blades. Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens – Industrial, Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens – Laboratory.

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Fourné – Innovative Machinery Manufacturers

Production Plants, Lines, Machinery, and Components. Carbon Fiber lines, Pilot and laboratory scale plants and lines. Fourné prides itself on 50 years of design experience, on-going innovation, and a flexible production process. Click the link above to see what they have to offer.
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Products in alphabetical order :

Air Knives

Non-Contact Cutting for cutting away any waste that needs to be removed. Portable and easy to use, this product saves time and money.
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Blades for Slitting

Slitting blades of the highest quality. We can custom design the blade to your exact requirements.
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Friction Texturing Discs (CPU)

CPU is a major world-wide supplier of composite polyurethane friction texturing discs. CPU texturing discs meet the highest quality standards.
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Hot Knives

Hot knives for cutting synthetic fabric, ropes and belts. Stop cutting mechanically and take advantage of the heat-cutting and sealing system in one operation. Custom solutions are our specialty.
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Lubrication (Kluber)

The best high temperature, heavy load oils and greases for all applications in finishing, yarn manufacturing, nonwovens, synthetic fibers and weaving. Kluber is a worldwide leader in specialty lubrication.
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Roller Coverings (Bobotex)

Bobotex Roller Coverings are manufactured in many different materials which include polyurethane, natural rubber, felts, synthetic rubber, silicone, cork, pvc and nylon. They are a world leader in the Roller Covering market. Bobotex Roller Coverings are the choice among our customers which include more than a few of the world’s leading textile manufacturers.
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Separator Rolls

High quality separator rolls used for the drawing process. Rolls for draw twisting, draw texturing and draw winding.
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Spinnerettes (Nippon Nozzle)

Nippon Nozzle makes Spinnerettes from the highest quality steel for the production of synthetic and chemical fibers. A leader in micro-precision processing, Nippon Nozzle has earned both an excellent reputation and the highest degree of trust from our customers.
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Staple Cutter Blades

Stainless steel and tool steel blades coated and uncoated. We also stock and sell American made tungsten carbide Mark V blades.
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Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens – Industrial

Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens for Industrial uses, featuring a broad range of options for various sized equipment that needs cleaning. Energy efficient solutions for Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning.
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Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens – Laboratory

Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens for Laboratory or small-scale use. Ideal for cleaning parts and equipment in a smaller area where space can be an issue. Highly energy-efficient and space saving.
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