Polymer Plants, Machinery, and Components

Below is a wide range of machinery and plants for high tech fibers, including laboratory and pilot plants. Directly below this is a link to a PDF that features all of the products offered on this page. Note, custom solutions are possible, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please Contact us.

Fourné Products (2013) PDF

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Production plants for high tech fibers

  • Solution spinning of hollow and special fiber
  • High temperature melt spinning plants
  • Spandex melt spinning plants


Components for production plants


Laboratory and pilot plants

  • Piston spinning
  • Carbon fiber lines
  • Polymerization and Spinning plants
  • Polycondensation Plants for medical fibers
  • Vacuum Dryers (VTS)
  • Solution wet spinning
  • Pilot Melt Spintester
  • Biconical vacuum dryers
  • Solid state polycondensation
  • Dry spinning plants
  • Electrospinning plants
  • Draw twisting units


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“Fourné Polymertechnik can rely on 50 years of experience with plants and systems for the fiber and polymer industries. As a highly innovative, family owned company our strengths are the development of innovative process technologies and a flexible production process.”


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