This page contains information about flexible Rapier Tapes by Lamiflex. Below you will find information on the types of Looms we provide flexible tapes/accessories for. Below is also a PDF going into great detail listing all of the flexible Rapier Tapes and accessories for the listed loom types.

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Rapier Tapes (Lamiflex)

More than 75% of all Weaving Machine Manufacturers rely on Lamiflex Rapier Tapes.

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    We Carry Lamiflex flexible Rapier Tapes suitable for the following:

  • Promatech-Somet type looms
  • Promatech-Vamatex type looms
  • Panter type looms
  • Picanol type looms
  • Smit type looms
  • Sultex type looms
  • Jakob Müller type looms

We carry a large inventory of Lamiflex Rapier Tapes in Greenville, SC.
The Lamiflex Group of Italy is the premiere manufacturer of composite rapier tapes for flexible rapier weaving machines in the world.



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