Hot Knives

Heat-cutting of synthetic fabric, ropes and belts.

Today, it is important to combine as many processes as possible for time and cost saving reasons. Therefore stop cutting mechanically and take advantage of the heat-cutting and sealing system in one operation.

Our simple cutting system is highly effective. The blade – directly heated by a transformer – heats up in 6–8 secs. to approx. 600° C. All thermoplastic fabric which comes into contact with the Hot Knife will melt. In a webbing, if they are close enough together, the individual weft and warp threads tend to flow into one another to form a consistent sealed edge.

We supply components and single parts to modify existing or newly purchased machines.

On request, we can make special constructions of machines, units and blades.

Hot Knives are ideal for extrusion applications. It's a great cost-effective alternative to traditional cutting and finishing. Contact Frankl & Thomas today to learn more.

We also produce:

  • Heat-cutters
  • Rope and belt cutting machines
  • Machines cutting fabric in width
  • Machines cutting fabric in length
  • Thermal shape-cutting installation
  • Specialized units, devices and machines.



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