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Sales Team

Mike Alexander

Synthetic fiber, Weaving parts, Blades, Kluber, Separator rolls and Bobotex

Toll Free: 800-832-7746
Phone: 864-288-5050 Ext. 2103
Mobile: 864-414-3729
Fax: 864-234-7544
Email: Mike Alexander

Customer Service

Chris Mikel

Inventory Manager, Customer Service Manager

Toll Free: 800-832-7746
Direct Line: 864-335-0279
Fax: 864-234-7544
Email: Chris Mikel

Lauren Groce

Orders, Customer Service

Toll Free: 800-832-7746
Direct Line: 864-288-5050 Ext. 2100
Fax: 864-234-7544
Email: Lauren Groce

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