January 5th, 2018

Scientists Develop Stretchable Fabric Battery

Scientists led by staff from Bingham University, the State University of New York, have developed a stretchable battery made of fabric. This battery is a textile-based, bacteria-powered battery that hopefully one day will be integrated into wearable technology. This research project was led by Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Seokheun Choi.


*Image Credit: Innovation In Textiles

According to Professor Seokheun Choi., “There is a clear and pressing need for flexible and stretchable electronics that can be easily integrated with a wide range of surroundings to collect real-time information,” he said. “Those electronics must perform reliably even while intimately used on substrates with complex and curvilinear shapes, like moving body parts or organs. We considered a flexible, stretchable, miniaturized biobattery as a truly useful energy technology because of their sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly capabilities.”

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Scientists Develop Stretchable Fabric Battery