Blades for a wide range of applications. Chemical Fiber Blades, Fiberglass Blades, Plush Knives, Slitting Blades, Staple Cutter Blades, and Textile Blades.

Various coatings include : TiN, TiC, TiAIN, ZrN, DLC (diamond-like coating) and Teflon (PTFE).

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View our Blade options in alphabetical order :

Chemical Fiber Blades

We provide both industry standard chemical fiber blades and specialty blades to meet your special needs.
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Fiberglass Blades

Our fiberglass blades provide the best quality and consistency in cutting for both wet and dry cutting.
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Plush Knives

F&T Plush Knives can be used to improve your manufacturing of technical textiles, medical textiles, and carpets.
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Slitting Blades

We are the custom tailors of slitting blades. We can custom design the blade to your exact requirements.
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Staple Cutter Blades

Stainless steel and tool steel blades coated and uncoated. We also stock and sell American made tungsten carbide Mark V blades.
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Textile Blades

Our Industrial Textile blades are designed for precision cutting of textiles such as denim, leather, vinyl, and much more.
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Tungsten Carbide Blades

Our Tungsten Carbide Blades can offer extended life, up to 100 times the life of the uncoated blade.
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We work with Lutz, who has been manufacturing the very best blades for more than 90 years. They specialize in rapid prototypes and produce their blades out of the highest quality materials. Stainless steel, tool steel (including M2) and sub micron tungsten carbide.



Please note that we do not list all of our products online. If you don’t see a product you’re looking for, please Contact Us.